Partner Welfare Policy

Last Updated: 04/01/2024

  1. At CrowdSurf Services, we are dedicated to promoting the overall well-being of our valued Service Professionals & Non-Professionals and partners. We understand the importance of their physical, mental, and emotional health, and we strive to provide comprehensive support. With this commitment in mind, we have developed a Partner Welfare Policy that highlights the array of benefits and resources available to our esteemed partners. This policy serves as a testament to our dedication to their welfare and outlines the measures we have put in place to ensure their well-being.

  2. At CrowdSurf Services, we are committed to ensuring that our policies and metrics are designed in a way that does not have any adverse impact on our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals. We understand the importance of creating a fair and supportive environment for our partners, and we take proactive measures to ensure that our policies, guidelines, and performance metrics are equitable and unbiased. Our aim is to foster a positive and empowering relationship with our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals, where their contributions are recognized and valued without any detrimental effects on their well-being or professional growth.

  3. At CrowdSurf Services, we are committed to fair earnings and transparent payment principles. We maintain rates that align with industry standards to ensure our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals are appropriately compensated. Our goal is to exceed the local living wage after factoring in job-related costs. We regularly review partners' earnings and promptly address any discrepancies to ensure their earnings meet or exceed the living wage threshold. This approach reflects our dedication to empowering and supporting our service partners.

  4. At CrowdSurf Services, we prioritize the well-being and financial security of our partners. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can prevent them from working on our platform. Therefore, we are committed to providing a safety net in such situations. If a partner is unable to work due to illness or accident, including cases of hospitalization lasting more than 24 hours or situations like Covid-19, CrowdSurf will cover the loss of pay. This support ensures that our partners have peace of mind and can focus on their recovery without financial stress.

  5. In the event of illness or accident, CrowdSurf Services will assess and cover the loss of pay based on medical expenses incurred, subject to claim assessment. If the medical expenses cannot be ascertained, the service professional will receive financial support through our internal loss of pay scheme. This support is capped at Rs 400 per day for predefined instances and is funded from the CrowdSurf Suraksha Fund or other sources. Additionally, CrowdSurf may provide further monetary assistance on humanitarian grounds to ensure the well-being of our partners.

  6. At CrowdSurf Services, we are committed to treating our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals with fairness and respect. We guarantee that Service Professionals & Non-Professionals will not face any monetary or other penalties in the following situations: (i) If they are unable to perform a service due to valid medical reasons. (ii) If they voice concerns or appeal disciplinary actions. We believe in creating a supportive and inclusive environment where Service Professionals & Non-Professionals can express their concerns without fear of repercussions. Their well-being and rights are of utmost importance to us, and we ensure that they are treated fairly in these circumstances.

  7. At CrowdSurf Services, we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. We regularly review customer feedback to identify and address any discrimination towards our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals. Discriminatory behavior by customers will result in the loss of platform access. We are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all.

  8. At CrowdSurf Services, we value diversity and inclusivity. We actively strive to engage with a wide range of Service Professionals & Non-Professionals. We may take affirmative action to enhance the representation of marginalized or under-represented groups on our platform. Our goal is to create equal opportunities for all Service Professionals & Non-Professionals.

  9. At CrowdSurf Services, we prioritize the satisfaction and well-being of our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals. We maintain an accessible and responsive grievance redressal system to address any concerns or complaints they may have regarding their services or customer interactions. Service Professionals & Non-Professionals are encouraged to utilize this system to raise and resolve any issues with the relevant team. We are committed to ensuring a supportive and respectful environment for all.

  10. At CrowdSurf Services, we take reports of poor customer behavior seriously. To address such incidents, we have established the following actions: a. If a Service Professional rates a customer low, we will ensure that the customer is not assigned to that specific Service Professional in the future. b. If a customer consistently receives poor ratings and feedback, we will carefully analyze the feedback to assess whether the customer poses a threat to the safety and well-being of our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals. If we determine that such a threat exists, we will promptly remove the customer from the CrowdSurf platform. These measures are in place to protect the interests and safety of our Service Professionals & Non-Professionals and maintain a respectful and supportive environment on our platform.

  11. Service Professionals & Non-Professionals on the CrowdSurf platform are protected from liability for losses or claims arising directly from CrowdSurf's acts or omissions. In addition, any claims made by CrowdSurf customers regarding services provided by Service Professionals & Non-Professionals will be contractually limited to a maximum of Rupees 5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs). This provision ensures that Service Professionals & Non-Professionals are not held responsible for losses or claims that are beyond their control and sets a clear limit on the financial liability in case of any customer claims.

  12. In the event of policy or structural changes within CrowdSurf that could potentially have a significant negative impact on Service Professionals & Non-Professionals, CrowdSurf is committed to actively engaging with them. This includes conducting increased focus group discussions (FGDs) to encourage participation and facilitate collaborative planning. By involving Service Professionals & Non-Professionals in the decision-making process, CrowdSurf aims to address concerns and work towards mutually beneficial solutions.